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Preparation for CAT (PFC)

Preparation for CAT is an excellent resource for students preparing for the NCEA 1 Common Assessment Task.

Key features of this book are:

It provides a range of problems as practice for each of the algebraic methods and equations required for the standard.

It uses icons so that students are aware of the depth of thinking required for any problem.

It provides plenty of write on space for students to show their working and includes clear answers with setting out for more complex problems.

It gives students the opportunity to extend their thinking by providing more challenging problems in a mathematical context and in a real life context.

Also available as a fully editable ebook, using the iPad and Android app, i-Rite.

To view at the App Store click here. To view on Google Play click here.

To download a sample of the book please  click here.

2018 edition in stock.  Buy now.

ISBN: 978 098765784 8
Price: $6.50 (incl. GST)

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